I was invited to give a presentation on how home staging helps homes sell quicker and for better asking prices to a local realty company. Here are some excerpts from my presentation:

"What are Scenes That Sell?" Three words: Remove, redesign, refresh.

According to the National Association of Realtors 49 percent of buyers are affected by home staging, 81 present find it easier to visualize a property as a future home, 46 percent are more willing to walk through a home they viewed online and 45 percent have a positive reaction if a home is decorated to the BUYER'S taste.

37 percent of sellers' agents  believe staged homes increase the dollar value buyers are willing to offer by 0ne to five percent.

Homestaging is not personal decorating, it is not an extreme makeover therefore it is usually not expensive or time consuming.

Homestaging is an investment in your homes selling potential, by maximizing assets with a minimum of time and money.



I just completed a project helping a desperate homeowner who needed staging help, selecting rental furniture and advice on painting a home she needed to vacate in 4 days! In this situation, my first objective is to ease the clients's fears and apprehensions. I told that everything was going to be OK, and to trust me to have everything arranged. I selected rental furniture, obtained the pricing information for the furniture, looked at photos of her house in it's current state and had some ideas for painting the walls. Most importantly, I helped ease her concerns and helped her de-stress all in one afternoon, Between myself and her new agent, I believe we helped her over this huge hurdle and she was very grateful. I loved helping her.

I am currently working on a major decluttering and organizing project with a client who has severe chronic disorganization due to  several brain surgeries.

As you can see, most of her home is overrun with too much "stuff" but also that the rooms are in total disarray due to her inability to complete clean-up tasks because she is easily overwhelmed and tires quickly.

My role in this project is to help her assess her situation, decide what can be removed, donated, or kept.

​Please check back for updated photos as this project moves toward completion.

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