"I was hesitant to make changes to our home because we were still living in it. Jody was very respectful. She made suggestions and explained why her ideas would work and the changes definitely made our home look better."                                

​                                                 Joe & Mary

"Our house was on the market for over a year. Jody gave us great suggestions and we did the work ourselves and our house sold a few months later."                          

​                                              Brett & Nikki

What Clients Say About

Scenes That Sell


and Organizing

Home Staging

Your first step to creating scenes that sell is my whole-house consultation.


We go through your entire house (including the basement and your exterior space) to assess what each room needs. Then we go room-to-room in more detail. I will make suggestions, and explain why they will work for you and as the homeowner you make the final decisions. We can make simple changes as we go through the room and we make notations of the changes that are needed and you can stage your own home whenever you want.

Whole-House Consultation

Ideally, a homeowner would need to remove at least 50 percent of the items in their home to create a successful showing to potential buyers.

Depending on what your home needs, and keeping your budget in mind, the next step is up to you. If you know you can make the changes yourself, my services are no longer needed and that is fine with me. But if there is more to do than you have the time or the energy for, I can come back to your house and do the staging for you.

The staging process for showing your house includes removing personal items from each room:

family photos, diplomas, financial statements, specific artwork and decorations, collectibles, toys, books, pet items, etc. It also includes possibly removing and rearranging furniture, purchasing inexpensive accent pieces that make a room more inviting, purchasing new bedding and bathroom items that create a refreshing make-over that again helps a buyer see themselves living in your house. 

With some projects, there may be a need to have a room or several rooms painted, doors, windows, or other furnishings repaired, or extensive yard work completed. I have references for several trusted professionals I will recommend for those types of tasks. As always you have the final decisions on how much work should be done and the costs involved but the best way to a successful showing is to stage your house to obtain it's greatest potential.

If you would like more information on how home staging can work for you please go to my contact page. Thank you!  Jody

"Jody helped us see the assets our home had and how to play up those assets and create focal points. She worked within our budget and the changes were very inexpensive but really made our house look great."

                                                John & Jane

"I had a lot of clutter. Jody helped me remove the clutter and my rooms were so much cleaner and looked much larger."


Your house doesn't necessarily need to be on the market to have Scenes That Sell help you with chronic cluttering problems.

Scenes That Sell will come to your home and help declutter any and all rooms in your home-even the basement. That includes paper, clothing, collectibles, expired food and everything that is no longer needed or wanted in your home. We then assess each room and decide if any furniture also needs to be removed or re-arranged so your home becomes a more livable environment, one that helps you with your day-to-day functions and helps you feel comfortable in your own home again.